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Volume 14 
Number 3 



Child Guidance Movable Books 

Ann Montanaro 

East Brunswick, New Jersey 

The publisher 
Child Guidance 
issued three 
different series of 
movable books in 
the early 1970s. 
While they may not 
be as highly sought 
after as more complex movables, these book have a unique 
structure and are another interesting part of the overall 
history. The series titles are "A Child Guidance Action 
Book," "Changing Picture Books,"and "Pop-up Action 
Book." None of the 1 8 books is dated but there are several 
clues that contribute to placing them. Child Guidance was 
a division of Questor Education Products which was 
located in The Bronx, New York. The address, included 
on the back cover of some of the books, includes a ZIP 
code. Since ZIP codes were introduced in 1963 but were 
not widely used until later in the decade, the books 
probably were not produced until the late 1960s. All of the 
books were printed in Japan, and, because of rising 
publication costs, few movable books were printed in 
Japan after 1969. One book has a price sticker marked "1 1 
71" which might be a date. And, the patent used for one 
of the series was approved in 1972. It is not known in 
what order the books were issued. All of the books are 
uniform in size and format: 8 inches high by 10 inches 
wide, with five text pages and five movable illustrations. 
Both the covers and the pages are of stiff board. It is 
interesting to note that the publisher Piatt and Munk, 
founded in 1920, became a division of Questor in the 
1960s and Piatt and Munk might be the imprint that was 
used for subsequent movable books. 

Basic Structure 

The underlying structure of the movables in each of 
these series is formed from three pieces of light weight 
cardboard. The sheets are sandwiched together and glued 
along the cover edges but not at the spine. The top sheet, 
the illustrated page, measures 9V* inches wide by 714 
inches high. The base sheet, which is the same size, is the 
back of the next text page and encases the structure. The 
third sheet, or center sheet, is between the other two and 
is used to create the movement. The center sheet, unseen 

in books in two of the three series, is sewn to the book block 
at the spine. The sheet extends over the spine about l A inch 





, y Zs^^ 




38 y ^ 






Patent illustration 1 

on the illustration side (#14 in Patent illustration 1) and is 
glued down. On the other side of the spine, the sheet is 
scored horizontally % inch away from the spine and that 
section is glued to the adjacent page at the score line (#38 in 
Patent illustration 1). As the page is turned, the portion of 
the sheet that is glued to the text page, pulls the illustration 
page forward and causes the characters to move. 

Child Guidance Action Book 

In this series, the center sheet has two or more round 
holes cut into it. (Illustration 1 ) Each of the illustrated pages 
has two or more loose, die-cut figures that sit on top of the 
illustration. Tabs extend through the illustrated page and are 
glued to the backs of the die-cut figures. The other ends of 
the tabs extend through the circles cut into the inside sheet, 
allowing the tab to move. 

Illustration 1 

A thin plastic sheet is glued to the illustration along the 
cover edges and the characters move underneath the plastic. 

Continued on page 2 

The Movable Book Society 

ISSN: 1097-1270 
Movable Stationery is the quarterly publication of The 
Movable Book Society. Letters and articles from members 
on relevant subjects are welcome. The index to past issues 
o/Movable Stationery is available at: 

http://www. rci. rutgers. edu/~montanar/mbs. html 
The annual membership fee for the society is $20.00. 
For more information contact: Ann Montanaro, The 
Movable Book Society, P.O. Box 11654, New Brunswick, 
New Jersey 08906 USA. 

Daytime telephone: 732-445-5896 
Evening telephone: 732-247-6071 
Fax: 732-445-5888 
The deadline for the next issue is November 15. 

Child Guidance, Continued from page 1 

The books are often found without the plastic covering but 
the residual glue line is usually visible. 

The eight books in the series were illustrated by seven 
different artists and their skills, as demonstrated in these 
books, run from pedantic to sophisticated. The 
participating artists had a wide range of experience. 
George Bucket's name, for example, who illustrated one 
book does not appear on any other books. George DeSantis 
illustrated only a few more, whereas each of the other 
artists created between 25 and 50 books. June 
Goldsborough's name appears on over 150 titles. 


Moving characters - Prince and Cinderella 

The titles in the series, and the illustrators, are: 

Hansel and Gretel. Tom O'Sullivan. (1 120) 

The Three Little Pigs. David K. Stone. (1121) 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears. George Bucket. (1 122) 

The Gingerbread Boy. June Goldsborough. (1 123). 

Little Red Riding Hood. Liz Dauber. (1 124) 

The Story of Peter Rabbit. June Goldsborough. (1 125) 

Mother Goose Rhymes. George DeSantis. (1 127) 
The Story of Cinderella. Alan Leiner. (1 128) 

The product numbers are from the cover of The Story of 
Cinderella and 1 126 is not listed. 

Changing Picture Books 

The eight books in 
this series are more 
difficult to find than 
those in the previously 
mentioned series. That 
may be because fewer 
were printed or, more 
likely, it is because the 
mechanism is more 
fragile and nearly 
impossible to successfully repair. The action structure of 
these books is basically the same with three lightweight card 
sections. However, there are two major differences. First, the 
top page, rather than being a picture, is an illustrated frame 
with a clear plastic covering the opening. Second, the 
changing pictures are transformational plates. 

The changing pictures, which transform from one scene 
to another, are created from two different pictures, each cut 
into 13 individual pieces, 5Vi inch by 2-inch rectangles. The 
pieces of one picture are glued to the middle sheet with a 'A 
inch overlap between each piece. When viewed disassembled, 
the overlapping pieces form a complete scene. (Illustration 
2) The pieces that make up the second picture are actually 
two copies of the same pictures (as seen in Patent illustration 
2). Using that example, the butterfly illustration on the left 
is interwoven at the slots with the butterfly on the right and 
then the upper and lower edges of the two illustrations are 
glued together along the longer sides. The whole piece is 
then glued to the underside of the plastic-covered window. 

Illustration 2 - Front side of interior 
sheet used for transformational plates 

Continued on page 11 

Breaking the Binding: 
Printing and the Third Dimension 

Summer visitors at Yale University's Beinecke Library 
had the opportunity to see an outstanding exhibition of 
over 125 movable books including pop-ups, panoramas, 
lift-the-flaps, and peepshows. The Beinecke is a strikingly 
modern, marble cube set in the center of a campus of very 
traditional buildings. Built in 1963, the library houses 
180,000 volumes in a central, glass-enclosed tower and 
more than a million volumes in underground book stacks. 
The interior of the building glows on sunny days as the 
light passes through the exterior translucent marble walls. 
The movable book exhibition shared display space with 
two of Yale's permanently exhibited masterpieces: a 
Gutenberg Bible, and Audubon's Birds of America. 

The exhibition showcased books to "take the reader off 
the page and into inner space, outer space, and the third 
dimension. Some of the methods are meant to instruct, 
others to persuade or dazzle; still others are pure 
gimmicks, meant to bring a special quality to a familiar 
story." With such an extensive collection of books in the 
Yale collection, it was interesting to see which books were 
selected for the exhibition. The books were displayed in a 
dozen different categories, some of which are highlighted 

Pop-up books 

Les Beaux Magasins, en Relief. Mulhouse [France], 

Editions Lucos, [ca. 1950]. 

Comical Kittens and Their Frolics: Verses. By Clifton 

Bingham. London, Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd., 1896. 

De A a' Z. Paris, Les Editions Gautier-Languereau, [ca. 


The Hippodrome. By Marion B. Sutherland. Chicago, The 

Saalfield Publishing Company, [ca. 1910]. 

The Jolly Jump-Ups Journey through Space. By Geraldine 

Clyne, Springfield, Mass, McLoughlin Bros., 1952. 

A Trip to the North Pole: A Story of Adventure in the 
Arctic. By William G. Turner. Chicago, The Saalfield 
Publishing Company, [ca. 1920]. 

World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893. (vols. 1- 
4), [Germany: n.p., 1893?]. 

All four of the volumes of the World's Columbian 
Exposition, Chicago, 1893 were displayed. Large (10 x 12 
inches), single page books, each show three or four 
buildings which together form a three-dimensional 
panorama of an area of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. 
The layers of the pop-up pull into place by means of tabs 
connected to the illustrations and to the back plane. 

Mechanical Pop-ups 

The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle. By Albert G. Miller. 

New York, Random House, [1967?]. 

The Beatles Musical Pop-up. By Rob Burt, [New York], 

Bonanza Pop-Up: Distributed by Crown Publishers, 1985. 

Elvis Musical Pop-up. By Rob Burt. [New York]: Bonanza 

Pop-Up, Distributed by Crown Publishers, 1985. 

Inside the Personal Computer. By Sharon Gallagher. New 

York, Abbeville Press, 1984. 

Jack the Giant Killer: With "Pop-up " Illustrations (dummy 

version). [New York], Blue Ribbon Books, [1932?]. 

Jack the Giant Killer: With "Pop-up "Illustrations in Color. 

New York, Blue Ribbon Books, Inc., 1933. 

Jack the Giant Killer... New York, Blue Ribbon Books, Inc., 


The Pop-up Atlas of the World: A Globe in a Book. By 

Theodore Rowland-Entwistle, New York: Simon and 

Schuster, 1988. 

The "Pop-up" Minnie Mouse. New York, Blue Ribbon 

Books, Inc., 1933. 

Dick Tracy: The Capture of Boris Arson. By Chester Gould. 

Chicago, Pleasure Books, Inc., 1935. 

Terry and the Pirates in Shipwrecked. By Milton Arthur 

Caniff. Chicago, Pleasure Books, Inc., 1935. 

Buck Rogers, 25th Century... By Dick Calkins. Chicago, 

Pleasure Books, Inc., 1935. 

The New Adventures ofTarzan "Pop-up. " By Edgar Rice 

Burroughs. Chicago, Pleasure Books, Inc., 1935. 

Little Orphan Annie and Jumbo the Circus Elephant. By 

Harold Gray [Chicago], Pleasure Books, Inc., 1935. 

The "Pop-up" Mother Goose... Chicago, Pleasure Books, 

Inc., 1934. 

The Pop-up Silly Symphonies... New York, Blue Ribbon 

Books, Inc., 1933. 

Alice 's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up Adaptation 

of Lewis Carroll 's Original Tale. By Robert Sabuda. New 

York, Little Simon, 2003. 

Robot. By Jan Pierikowski. New York, Delacorte Press, 


Star Wars: A Pop-up Book. By Wayne Douglas Barlowe. 

New York, Random House, 1978. 

Haunted House. By Jan Pierikowski. New York, E.P. 

Dutton, Inc., 1979. 

How Many Bugs in a Box? By David A. Carter. New 

York, Simon & Schuster, 1988. 

With many of the best-known pop-ups on display, 
viewers were given the opportunity to see classic 20" 1 century 

Tabbed Pop-ups (with tabs and levers) 

Peter Pan y el Capitan Hook. Buenos Aires, Editorial 

Codex, 1945. 

Trip to the Moon: A Movable Picture Book. By J. R. 

Pepper. Chicago, The L.W. Walter Company, [1910?]. 

This Way and That Way. Frederic Edward Weatherly. 

London, Ernest Nister, [ca. 1890]. 

In a Trip to the 
Moon, a car has 
been invented that 
can travel to the 
moon. In the scene 
displayed, the driver 
stops the car 
abruptly at a 
railroad crossing 
and, as the tab is 
pulled, the 
passenger is thrown 
over the hood. The 
large, brightly 
colored scenes are 
very inventive and 

Artists' Books 

Dit onleesbaar kwadraat-blad... By Bruno Munari. 

Hilversum, De Jong, 1953. 

Freedom: A Fable... By Kara Elizabeth Walker. 

[Pasadena, Typecraft], 1997. 

Meech Elasticity. By John Bock. Kitakyushu, Japan, 

Center for Contemporary Art, 2004. 

One Hundred Million Million Poems. By Raymond 

Queneau. Paris, Kickshaws, 1983. 

Poemobiles 1968 1984. Augusto de Campos. Sao Paulo, 

Brasiliense, [1985?]. 

Ruckus Rodeo. By Red Grooms. New York, Harry N. 

Abrams, Inc., 1988. 

"White Book. " Francesca Gabbiani and Amy Gestler 

with paper engineering by Ingrid Siliakus. Paris, Xn 

Editions, Christophe Daviet-Thery, 2005. 

Utah Reader. By Mark Beard. New York, Vincent Fitz 

Gerald, 1986. 

The exhibit label for the beautiful Wliite Book read: 
"This exquisitely executed artists' book combines the 
artwork of Francesca Gabbiani with the paper engineering 
of Ingrid Siliakus, set to a poem by Amy Gestler. The 
delicate paper origami is possible through the interaction 
of a laser-cutter and a very patient set of human hands." 
Inspired by the novel Devil in the Wliite City, it is a very 
beautiful book! 

Key Innovators 

Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel Defoe. London, Dean & 

Son, [1866?]. 

Ups and Downs in Picture Town. By Maud Carlton. 

London, Ernest Nister, [1898?] 

Bookano Stories No. 4. By S. Louis Giraud. London, 

Strand Publications, [1937]. 

Toe Toe: Chi e? Apri la Porta. By Bruno Munari. 

[Verona], Mondadori, 1945. 

Day of the Bison Hunt. By Vojtech Kubasta, London, 

Bancroft & Co. (Publishers), Ltd., 1962. 

Lothar Meggendorfer 

Dean 's Living Strewelpeter. London, Dean & Son, 


Live Animals. New York, The International News 

Company, 1884. 

More Living Animals. New York, The International News 

Company, 1884. 

Peter Newell 

The Hole Book. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1908. 

Jungle-Jangle. New York, [n.p.], 1909. 

The Rocket Book. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1912. 

The Slant Book. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1910. 

3 concept sketches for 77?e Rocket Book (Flats 2, 7, 13), 

ca. 1912. Peter Newell Papers. 

Concept sketch for policeman page for 77?e Slant Book, 

1910. Peter Newell Papers. 

Tony Sarg 

Tony Sarg's Magic Movie Book... New York, B.F. Jay & 

Co., 1943. 

Tony Sarg 's Savings Book: A Trip to Golden City. New 

York, The World Publishing Co., 1946. 

Tony Sarg's Surprise Book... [New York, B.F. Jay & Co.], 


Wliere is Tommy? New York, Greenberg, 1932. 


Der Vendome Platzzu Paris. [Germany? n.p., ca. 1849?]. 

[Le Tournoi]. Martin Engelbrecht. [Augsburg? n.p., ca. 


Theatre Picture Book... New York, International News 

Company, [1883?]. 


The Historiscope: A Panorama & History of America. 

[Springfield, Mass.], Milton Bradley & Co., [1868]. 

Panorama of the Visit of Santa Claus... Springfield, 

Mass., Milton Bradley & Co., [1870]. 

Uncle Sam 's Panorama of Rip van Winkle and Yankee 

Doodle. New York, McLoughlin Bros., [ca. 1875]. 

Buffalo Bill's Wild West: A Panorama for Children. 

London, H. Grevel and Co., [ca. 1890]. 

77;e Soldier Panorama Book: A Novel Colour Book for 

Children. London: Ernest Nister, 1903?]. 

The Victoria Jubilee in Twelve Reliefs... London: Raphael 

Tuck & Sons, [1887]. 

The Soldier Panorama poses a striking juxtaposition of 
explicit scenes of warfare with others of children as 
soldiers at play. 

The exhibition also included anatomical models, cards 
and games, Harlequinades, contemporary volvelles 


p^ P/mORP 

X**^ ^ Book 

■•-. ;.-■.■■ 


materials), and 

A limited 
edition keepsake, 
created for the 
exhibition, was for 
sale in the library. 
Peepshow: Marvel 
at the Sights within 
the Beinecke 
Library, designed, 
and paper 
engineered by Joe Freedman, is a four-layer peepshow 
featuring ten treasures from the library's collections. 
Three of the sheets that make up the peepshow can be 
exchanged with other sheets to change the illustration. 

Sabuda Exhibit 

"Robert Sabuda: Travels in Time & Space" is a 
touring exhibition that will be on display in three cities in 
the U.S. in 2006 and 2007. 

The wide range of Robert's talent is beautifully shown 
in the 60 pieces of his work included in this exhibit. 
Readers familiar with his extraordinary pop-ups may not 
be as aware of the variety of methods he has used to create 
paper and illustrations in all of his books. 

While it should go without saying, it is startling to see 
how much more beautiful the original artwork is than the 
reproduction on the printed page. In The Paper Dragon 
(1997), for example, the delicately cut paper tissue is 
magnificent. In the eight framed pages on display, it is 
possible to view the detailed work. The mosaics, used to 
illustrate Saint Valentine (1992), are very small pieces of 
marbled and hand-painted papers meticulously placed to 
form the full picture. Seen up close the paper rectangles 
are the about the size of those produced by a cross-hatch 
shredder. It is difficult to imagine the skill and patience 
needed to place each of the individual pieces. He used two 
very different techniques to illustrate Arthur and the 
Sword { 1995) and The Blizzard's Robe (1999). In the first, 
the illustrations were made from liquid lead and glass dyes 
on plexiglass and in the second they are batik. The 
charming illustrations in The Adventures of Providence 
Traveler (2002) are pencil and watercolor on paper. 

Pop-ups are also on display with original art from A 
Kwanzaa Celebration, The 12 Days of Christmas, Cookie 
Count, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and both butterflies 
and beetles from the Young Naturalist's Pop-up 


The exhibition will be at these locations: 
Maricopa County Library District, Phoenix, AZ - April 10, 
2006- June 16,2006. 

Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton City, Cincinnati, 
OH - September 25, 2006 - December 31, 2006. 
Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City, UT - April 8, 
2007 - September 9, 2007. 

Books and Collections for Sale 

• Brown Wells and Jacobs, the British packager of 
children's novelty books, is offering back list pop-up titles 
for sale. A limited number of copies are available in English 
and other languages. For photographs, prices, postage and 
more information, contact Graham Brown at The following titles are available: 

Disney Pop-ups - many from the Pop Up Pals series. 

Belle 's Suiprise Party. 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Topsy Turvy Day. 

Disney 's Tlie Lion King: Find Simba. 

Mickey Mouse: The Treasure Hunt. 

Pocahontas: Meekos Busy Day. 

Hercules: The Helpful Son. 

Micky 's Christmas Party. 

Pooh: Tigger Bounces Back. 

101 Dalmatians: Springing Up Puppies. 

Disney 's Toy Story Pop-up Book. 

Disney 's Hercules 3-D Mask Book. 

Trade Books 

My First Day at School. 

Three-dimensional Atlas of the World. 

Pop-up Power. 

European Cities 

American Cities. 

Lets Look at Wild Animals. 

Lets Look Under the Sea. 

Wlio am I? Wltere did I Come From? - Doctor Ruth 

• Collection of over 100 pop-up books is for sale. Most 
books are from the 1980s and 1990s; all are in excellent 
condition. The books are primarily pop-up but some are lift- 
the-flaps, carousels, etc. For a complete list via email, 
contact or send a self-addressed, 
stamped envelope to Amy Smith, 26 Biscayne Drive, 
Lancaster, N.Y. 14086. 


Jacqueline Reid- Walsh's paper, which appeared in the 
May issue, was originally presented at the British Society for 
Eighteenth Century Studies in January, 2006 not 2004. 

Movable Book Collections 
in North American Libraries 

Many libraries in North America have pop-up and 
movable books in their circulating collections. Public 
libraries purchase them for readers and story programs 
and colleges acquire them for education, art, and printing 
history collections. However, to be of lasting value, copies 
of movable books must be in special collections where 
their use can be limited, thus preserving the movable 

This list is an attempt to identify special collections 
with significant holdings of pop-up and movable books. It 
was compiled using several methods. Because of 
exhibitions, some libraries were known to have large 
collections. Others were found by searching OCLC, a 
worldwide database of over 68 million titles representing 
the holdings of more than 9,000 member libraries, 
museums, and special collections. Various search 
strategies were used in OCLC to try to find large 
collections of movable books. However, even searching 
OCLC is not completely satisfactory because of the variety 
of subject terms used to describe movable books. The term 
most often used to identify current movable books, 
generally post- 1 980 titles, is "toy and movable books. "But 
that is a broad category used for diverse works from 
shaped books to scratch-and-sniffbooks, lift-the- flaps, and 
pop-ups. However, once groups of titles were retrieved, 
they were sorted by date of publication and by the number 
of libraries holding the title, and then individual libraries 
were identified. The libraries in North America listed 
below appear to have the most significant collections of 
pop-up and movable books held in non-circulating or 
special collections. Other libraries are known to have 
received donated collections but they have not been 
cataloged so the books are not yet available for use. 

Each library web site includes guidelines about 
accessing and using library resources. Some collections 
are limited to researchers, others are open to the public. 
Before visiting a library to see special collections books, 
identify the titles you would like to see, verify that they are 
in the library (not in an exhibition or stored off-site), and 
that they will be available for you to view and handle. 

Florida Atlantic University Libraries - Boca Raton 

Boca Raton, Florida 

Library catalog: 

The Mata and Arthur Jaffe collection of books as 
aesthetic objects, a result of more than 50 years of 
collecting, contains over 4,000 rare and unusual books. It 
consists primarily of visual books created more for their 

artistic merit than for their informational content, dating 
from the 1 7th century to present day. Words and text were 
not the primary consideration in acquiring this collection 
except as they bear on the artistry of the book. The Jaffes' 
goal was to inspire new ideas about art, book arts, printing, 
bookbinding, papermaking, calligraphy, design, graphics, 
technology, and the history and future of the book. There are 
several hundred movable books in this collection, primarily 
20 th century titles. 

For information about visiting and the using the collection: 

Indiana University 
Lilly Library 

Bloomington, Indiana 

Library catalog: 

Children's literature was a special interest throughout J. 
K. Lilly's collecting career, and he sought out the 
masterpieces of juvenile literature as avidly as those of adult 
literature. Today, the Lilly Library holds nearly 10,000 
children's books, most of them from the Elisabeth Ball 
collection which came to the library in 1983. The emphasis 
of the collection is on English language books of the 1 8 th and 
19 lh centuries, but also includes a large number of 20 th 
century books and representative works in French and 
German. There are hornbooks, mechanical books, thumb 
Bibles, miniature libraries, Newberry and Marshall imprints, 
and original art by children's book illustrators, including 
Kate Greenaway, Walter Crane, Randolph Caldecott, and 
Ernest Shepard. 

More than 1,000 "movable" titles can be found in a 
search of the Lilly Library collection. They include 
contemporary commercial publications, artists' books, 
publication catalogs, and a large number of Harlequinades. 

For information about visiting the library: 

Pierpont Morgan Library 

New York, New York 

Library catalog: 

The Morgan's collection of children's books began with 
Elisabeth Ball's gift of several thousand English and French 
works. Funds from her endowment made possible the 
purchase of important collections of American children's 
books as well as many important individual acquisitions. 
Julia P. Wightman's collection of 1,500 children's books 
includes titles by Kate Greenaway and Beatrix Potter. Arthur 
Houghton's Lewis Carroll collection contains personal 
possessions and books from the author's library as well as 

items that belonged to Alice Liddell. The library includes 
many 19 th century movable books. 

For information about visiting the library: 

Princeton University Library 
Cotsen Children's Library 

Princeton, New Jersey 

The Cotsen Children's Library collection includes 
more than 60,000 titles in over 30 languages published 
during the 15 th through 20 th centuries. A printed catalog of 
a portion of the books donated by Lloyd E. Cotsen is in 
preparation but none of the records are available online. 
To enquire about a specific title, contact the library. 

For information about visiting the library: 



Toronto Public Library 

Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books 

Toronto, Canada 

Library catalog: 

In 1934 
English librarian 
Edgar Osborne 
visited the 
Toronto Public 
Library's Boys & 
Girls House, the 
first separate 
children's library 
in the British 
He was deeply 
impressed by the 
quality and range 

of children's services established by and flourishing under 
Lillian H. Smith. In 1949, as a tribute to her work and 
reputation, Osborne presented his collection to the 
Toronto Public Library Board. The Osborne Collection 
encompasses the development of English Children's 
literature, including: a 14 th century manuscript of Aesop's 
fables, 15 th century traditional tales, 16 th century school 
texts and courtesy books, godly Puritan works, 1 8" 1 century 
chapbooks, moral tales and rational recreations, and 
Victorian classics of fantasy adventure and school stories, 
up to 1910 - the end of the Edwardian era. This is a very 
rich collection with nearly 1 ,000 items cataloged using the 
subject heading "toy and movable book." It includes a 
large number of 19 lh century titles. 

Griffin from the Osborne web site 

For information about visiting the library: 

Smithsonian Institution 

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum Library 

New York, New York 

Library catalog: 

The pop-up book collection, dating from the 19 th century, 
has more than 600 titles including instructional and 
entertainment books with foldout, pop-up and revolving 
construction for both children and adults. 

For information about visiting the library: 

University of California, Los Angeles 

Los Angeles, California 

Library catalog: 

The movable book collection includes hundreds of titles 
donated to UCLA by Waldo Hunt. As part of the Children's 
Book Collection in the Special Collections Department, it is 
a collection that is continuing to grow through ongoing gifts 
and acquisitions. 

For information about visiting the library: 


University of Florida 

Gainesville, Florida 

Library catalog: 

The Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature 
in the Department of Special Collections contains more than 
93,000 volumes published in Great Britain and the United 
States from the early 1700s through the 1990s. Its holdings 
of more than 800 early American imprints is the second 
largest such collection in the United States. It is the product 
of Ruth Baldwin's 40-year collection development efforts 
and has about 300 movable books, primarily 20 th century, but 
includes a few Nister, Dean, and Meggendorfer titles. 

For information about visiting the library: 

University of North Texas Libraries 

Denton, Texas 

Library catalog: 

There are about 500 pop-up titles in the library catalog. 
Included in this library are several unpublished 
manuscripts created by Keith Moseley for Compass 
Productions purchased for the collection from a book 
dealer. The collection is being expanded through gifts and 

Web exhibits: 
in. htm 


For information about visiting the library: 


The University of Southern Mississippi 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 

One of the outstanding items in this library is the Lothar 
Meggendorfer Collection, which includes over 100 items, 
primarily printing specimens of text samples and pictorial 
cover labels. Included are proofs of illustrations, covers, 
texts and publishing advertisements, largely acquired from 
the collection of his second publishing house, J. F. Schreiber 
of Esslingen, collected by Herbert H. Hosmer. The collection 
has colored specimen proofs of foreign edition covers, as 
well as some printed advertisements. Most of the items are 
listed in and referenced from the Justin G. Schiller auction 
catalog of the J. F. Schreiber sale of Meggendorfer materials. 

For information about visiting the library: 

University of Virginia 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Library catalog: 

Catalog for the deGrummond Children's Literature 


to the 

de Grummond 

Children's Literature 


The Untvonity ctf Southpm M^sSkIpcm Ubrcrtoi 




de Grummond 
Children 's 
Collection is 
one of North 
centers in the 
fiel d of 
Although the 
Collection has many strengths, the main focus is on 
American and British children's literature, historical and 
contemporary. Founded in 1966 by Dr. Lena Y. de 
Grummond, the Collection holds the original manuscripts 
and illustrations of more than 1200 authors and 
illustrators, as well as more than 100,000 published books 
dating from 1530 to the present. The pop-ups are 
primarily 20 lh century works. 

For information about visiting the library: 
situs. shtml 



In 2002 the 
University received 
a donation of over 
850 pop-up and 
movable books from 
Brenda Forman. 
The collection is 
strong in 20 ,h 
century movables 
but also includes 
works by 
Meggendorfer, and 
titles published by 
Dean, Nister, and 
McLoughlin. The 
University has an 
endowment that 

provides funds for the ongoing purchase of 19 th and 20 th 
century juvenile pop-up books. 

Web exhibit: 

For information about visiting the library: 

Western Michigan University Library 

Kalamazoo, Michigan 

University of Wisconsin 

Madison, Wisconsin 


Library catalog: 


Library Catalog: 

The library's collection of Historical Children's Books 
includes more than 1,000 pop-up books, mostly 20" 1 century 

For information about visiting the library: 

Yale University 

New Haven, Connecticut 

Library catalog: 

Two special collections at Yale are of interest: the 
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and The Arts 
of the Book Collection. 

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library is 
Yale University's principal repository for literary papers 
and for early manuscripts and rare books. In 1987, Betsy 
Beinecke Shirley, daughter of one of the brothers who 
endowed the library, started transferring to the library 
portions of her American children's literature collection. 
Formed over the course of more than three decades, it is 
one of the largest and most diverse in scope. Books from 
the colonial period, reading and learning manuals, 
etiquette books, children's literature classics, fairy tales, 
poetry (including Mother Goose rhymes), American 
editions of British or European classics, books about 
American history or great American figures, letters and 
manuscripts by writers of children's literature, or written 
by young people or to them, chapbooks, juvenile 
journalism, games, original artwork by American 
illustrators: these categories do not begin to do justice to 
the collection 's diversity and depth. Examples of the depth 
of Yale's collection is seen in the sample of titles included 
in the exhibition "Breaking the Binding: Printing and the 
Third Dimension." 

The Arts of the Book Collection contains both examples 
of and reference materials about the arts related to the 
book, covering topics such as binding, book history, 
illustration, calligraphy, graphic design, paper making 
and decorative papers, typography and more. 
Contemporary examples of artists' books and fine printing 
are housed alongside more traditional publications. 

For information about visiting the library: 


Significant collections of pop-up and movable books 
in England and Europe will be highlighted in a future 

Peepshow created 
for the Beinecke 
Exhibition of 
Movable Books 

EDC Looking to Buy Intervisual 

By Jim Milliot, PW Daily 
Publishers Weekly, 7/17/2006 

Educational Development Corp., the American 
distributor for the Usborne line of children's books, entered 
into an agreement late last week to provide debtor-in- 
possession financing to Intervisual Books as part of EDC's 
efforts to acquire Intervisual's assets. Intervisual, publisher 
of Piggy Toes Press, filed for Chapter 1 1 bankruptcy 
protection in early May. 

In addition to providing 
financing, which Intervisual is 
using to print its current list, 
EDC has drawn up a 
reorganization plan, that if 
approved, would result in 
EDC's purchase of the 
children's book publisher. The 
Los Angeles bankruptcy court 
is scheduled to meet tomorrow 
to review the reorganization 

The addition of Intervisual 
would add an original 
publishing component to 
EDC, which now generates 
virtually all of its revenue by 
selling the U.K. -originated 
Usborne line through retailers 
and home sales reps. EDC 

chairman Randall White said the purchase of Intervisual 
would be a "classic case of an undercapitalized creative 
company being acquired by a profitable business looking for 
content. Intervisual has a backlist of approximately 300 
children's titles. 

New Jersey Symposium 

The 12 lh Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium will 
be held at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey at the 
Newark Dana Library on Friday, November 3, 2006. This 
year's theme is "Flaps, Folds, Figures, and Flash: Books 
with Movable Parts." Among the speakers will be Movable 
Book Society members Ellen Rubin, Ed Hutchins. Maria 
Pisano, Kyle Olman, and Debra Weier. 

The day-long program will include an exhibition of 
movable books created by the book artists and books from 
the collections of the speakers. The exhibit will continue 
until January 6, 2007. 

For more information see: 
nilib/spcol/bookarts /intro.htm 

A Three-dimensional 

Princess Palace. Piggy 

Toes, 2006 

Lucie Seifertova 

Jane Gottwald 

Havre de Grace, Maryland 

Jane Gottwald, Lucie Seifertova, 
and Pancho Prachl 

Thanks to an article on Robert Sabuda's website last 
year, I knew about Lucie Seifertova, the Czech author, 
artist, cartoonist, paper engineer, and now animator. Her 
five pop-up books dealing with Czech subjects sounded 
perfect to read prior to visiting Prague with family 
members this summer. I ordered the books, in English, 
from Lucie's website There is a 
notation "website optimalizovan" which means there is a 
button to click for English. 

Besides the huge foldout Histoiy of the Brave Czech 
People, there are four pop-up books: Five Chateaus and 
Castles of the Czech Nation, Mysterious Prague, The 
Golem (which also has movable parts) and one about the 
Prague Castle. 

In the Sabuda article, reference was made to the 
oversize replica of the fold-out book History, which 
Lucie's husband had constructed. Initially it had been on 
display at the National Museum in Prague. Then they 
were invited to tour with it. Now they are preparing an 
English-language version to take to the United States next 
year. Lucie is also in the process of animating a 
serialization of History for television. 

Lucie's husband Petr "Pancho" Prachl is multi-talented 
as a musician and an entrepreneur. A trained classical 
guitarist, he has a reputation in "pop" music as a writer 
and performer. He also runs their publishing company. 

In July, five members of my family and I were in 
Prague for several days. We had enjoyed Lucie's books in 
advance of our trip and we were able to meet Lucie and 
Pancho for breakfast one morning. What a delightful trip! 
We anticipate seeing them next year - closer to home - 
when they visit Washington, D.C. and New York City. 

Making Connections 

Pat McNeeley 
Lyndhurst, Ohio 

While traveling in the Netherlands this spring I had the 
most pleasant experience of visiting Harry Faber van der 
Meulen's Popupbookshop in Dordrecht. To say it is 
charming is certainly an understatement. Harry and 
Annemarie were very welcoming. The shop has many 
movable books and Harry shows them in a way that makes 
them come to life. I urge anyone who can to make Harry's 
shop a destination - you will not be disappointed. The shop 
can also be visited online at: home.htm. 

Holland Paper Biennial 

The 6 lh Holland Paper Biennial is being held at Museum 
Rijswijk and the CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, The 
Netherlands until early September. The 28 artists included 
in the show all work primarily with paper. For some, the 
starting point is pure fibre, while others make their own pulp 
from a mixture of fibers. A number of artists use handmade 
or commercially- produced paper, which is worked by means 
of presses, perforations, folding or cutting. Paper takes 
Flight is the title of the book and art catalogue published to 
accompany the exhibition. Works by the artists, including 
Ingrid Siliakus, whose book was part of the Yale exhibition, 
can be seen at: 
2006. html. 

Pop-up Presentation 

Ellen Rubin will present "Ideas in Motion: The Art and 
History of Movable Books" at the Scarsdale (New York) 
Adult School on Wednesday. November 8 at 7:30 p.m. The 
talk will cover 700 years of paper engineering, cultural and 
social changes which enabled the proliferation of movable 
paper in texts, popular books, and artists' books. It is 
targeted at the general public, those without any background 
in the genre. Ellen will show examples from her collection. 
There is a nominal registration fee for the program. For 
more information see: 

What will You Write? 

Contributions from readers are welcomed, encouraged 
and needed. There are so many topics that could be covered: 
interview paper engineers, describe a 1 9 th century book from 
your own collection or from one of the libraries identified in 
this issue, trace the use of a movable mechanism, compare 
the treatment of a subject (Noah's Ark, nursery rhyme, 
dinosaurs, etc.) in pop-ups. Please consider writing an 


Child Guidance, continued from page 2 

Patent illustration 2 

The base sheet is bordered on the three outside edges with 

a '/2-inch cardboard strip that slightly lifts the pictures 

away from the base, permitting them to move more easily. 

The final step of the construction is to slide the individual 

pieces from picture one into the pieces of picture two and 

glue the 



along the 




text of the 
by three or 
authors, (it 
is not 
who wrote 

Growing up in Nature) is well-written and informative 
and describes facts that are illustrated in the changing 
pictures. The pictures used in the transformations are all 
photographs of nature and children. The last line of text 
on each page reads "Move this page and see." 

The titles in the Changing Picture Books series are: 

Colors, Shapes and Sizes. By Valerie Cleve 

Who Lives Here? By Sarah Keyser 

Growing Up in Nature. 

Parade of Seasons. By Leslie Burton 

Numbers are Things. By Sarah Keyser 

Nature 's Helpers. By Leslie Burton. 

Up, Down, all Around. By Sarah Keyser. 

Children Here, Children There. By Leslie Burton 

Illustration of a elephant "transforms" to a 

picture of the African plains from 

Who Lives Here? 

Pop-up Action Book 

The two books in this series, written by Sarah Keyser, 
were illustrated by twin brothers Tim and Greg Hildebrandt. 
The Hildebrants began illustrating books in 1969 and 
created more than 1 00 books. (Tim died in 2006.) These two 
books are among their earliest works and are excellent 
examples of their talent. Greg may be best known to 
collectors for his pop-up book Greg Hildebrandt's Book of 
Three-dimensional Dragons. 

Pop-up Action Circus Book 

These books employ the same basic construction used in 
the other two series but they are pop-up books. The assembly 
is composed of three pieces: the base sheet, a middle sheet, 
and a top sheet. The difference in this series is that each of 
the three sheets is illustrated and visible. When the page is 
turned, the middle sheet pulls the scene into place and the 
top sheet forms a 90-degree pop-up top layer; the second 
sheet either forms another pop-up or, through the use of 
tabs, provides movement to die-cut figures attached to the 
sheet. The base is fully illustrated and forms the background 
of the picture. 

The two titles in this series are often offered for sale and 
are generally priced higher than books in the other two 

The titles are: 

The Pop-up Action Construction Book. 6042 

The Pop-up Action Circus Book. 6041 

Trying to adequately describe a movable mechanisms is 
very difficult. But, if the above descriptions were hard to 
picture, try reading the full text of United States Patent 
number 3,659,367 "Feature Variable Picture and Book." 
filed by inventor Hirokazu Yumoto of Tokyo on Japan, June 
15, 1970 and approved on May 2, 1972. The abstract states: 
"A feature variable picture embodying a stationary picture 
assembly and a sliding picture assembly of different feature 
from the stationary picture assembly which are slideably 
incorporated one another to present two different features of 
picture alternately." 


Catalogs Received 

Antiquariat Sabine Keune. Katalog 36 - Pop-ups und 
Movables. Friedrich Alfred StraBe 79. D-47226 

Stella Books. Pop-up List. 

New Publications 

Blue 2: A Pop-up Book for 
Children of All Ages. By 
David Carter. September. 
Little Simon. 18 pages. 
1-4169-1781-0. $19.95. 
Also:limited edition. $250.00. 

The following tides have been identified from pre- 
publication catalogs, Internet sources, book store hunting, 
and other advertising. All titles include pop-ups unless 
otherwise noted and are listed for information only - not 
necessarily as recommendations for purchase. 

Alfred Hitchcock: Master 
of Suspense. Kees 
Moerbeek, paper engineer. 
Little Simon. September. 
16 pages. $29.95. 

Alpha Bugs: A Pop-up 
Alphabet, [mini edition] By 
David Carter. Little Simon. 
$11.95. 1-4169-0973-7. 


\[\H>-ipAt f JiJH-«ln 

The Book of Great Explorers. Pop-up Board Game. Tango. 
October. £14.99. 1-85707-644-3. 

Christmas: A Pop-up Stocking 
Stuffer. By Robert Sabuda. 
October. Orchard Books. 18 
pages. $12.99. 0-439-84568-8. 

Dinosaurs: Pop-up Facts. 
September. Templar 
Publishing. £12.99. 
1-8401 1-598-X. 

Amazing Makover. Golden 
Books. 12 pages. $10.95. 0- 

Because I Love you So Much: A Pop-up Book. By Guido 
van Genechten. September. Tiger Tales. $15.95. 

Dragons: A Pop-up Book of Fantastic Adventures. By Keith 
Moseley. October. Abrams Books for Young Readers. 12 
pages. $15.95. 0-810-94900-8. 

A Glorious Angel 
Show: A Pop- up 
Christmas Adventure. 
October. Integrity 
Publishers. 24 pages. 
$14.99. 1591454360 


Goldilocks. Flip-up Fairy Tales. Roly Poly Box Books. By 

Kees Moerbeek. September. Child's Play. S9.99. 


Also: Three Little Pigs. 1-84643-018-6. 

Cinderella 1-84643-019-4. 

Harry Potter: Harry at 
Hogwarts Hanging Pop-up. By 
J. K. Rowling. Penguin 
Character Books Ltd. 14 pages. 
£4.99. 1405902043. 
Also: Harry Potter: Magical 
Creatures Hanging Pop-up. 

I Love You, Every Little Bit: 
A Pop-up Book. Piggy Toes 
Press. 10 pages. 


The Jungle Book: A Pop-up 
Adventure. By Matthew 
Reinhart. October. Little 
Simon. 12 pages. S26.95. 

Lights Out! Shadow Pop-up 
and Play. Barron's Educational 
Series List Price: 10 pages. 
$9.99. 0-7641-06002-8. 




fstfcbteui pop- up Toclbo* wtm warfcr>3 foots 

My Dad's Toolbox: Fabulous 
Pop-up Toolbox with Working 
Tools. October. Barron's 
Educational Series. 12 pages. 
$16.99. 0-7641-5971-2. 

Perfect Punctuation Book. 
September. Dutton. 12 pages. 

I'm Going to Eat You: A 

f\ PfjJ' I Spooky Pop-up Flap Book. 

' XT* | 4 Reader's Digest. 10 pages. 

\$Ul 1 $10.99. 0794407676. 

Popped Art. Bruce Foster, 
paper engineer. Museum of 
Modern Art. 13 pages. 
$19.95. 0-87070-495-8. 

I'm Not Afraid of Halloween! A Pop-up and Flap Book. 
Little Simon. 16 pages. $7.99. 0-689-85050-6. [Both 
covers have been shown online for this title.] 

Pop-up Bible Adventures 2. 
September. Candle Books. 
$11.99. 0-8254-7328-4. 

Pop-up Dinosaur Danger! By 
Nick Denchfield. September. 
Macmillan Children's Books. 
£14.99. 1-405-05332-1. 





The Pop-up Book of 
Celebrity Meltdowns. Bruce 
Foster, paper engineer. 
October. DK Adult. 22 
pages. $29.95. 

The Secret Fairy Pop-up 
and Play House: With Lots 
of Fairy Furniture and 
Magical Surprises! By 
Penny Dann. Orchard. 1- 




:.' "'<-■;'■ .. ■> 


Santa's Magic Gifts: A Pop-up 
Book. October. Little Simon. 16 
pages. 0-689-87469-3. 



i XQ '-* BOQ 

77je Snowmen Pop-up Book. 
October. Dial. 14 pages. $21.99. 

Rainbow Trucks: A Very 
First Pop -up Book. 
September. Priddy Books. 
$12.95. 0-312-49814-4. 

Summer under the Sea. [transformational plate] Reader's 
Digest Children's Publications. 14 pages. $12.99. 

A Three-dimensional Princess Palace. Piggy Toes. $22.95. 

The Three Little Neighbors: A 
Lift-the-flap Pop-up Book. 
Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon. 
$8.99 1-4169-0688-6. 

Tibetan Buddhist Goddess 
Altars: A Pop-Up Gallery of 
Traditional Art and Wisdom. 
Bruce Foster, paper 
engineer. $23.95. New 
World Library. 

i. ---■ 

The Ston> of Everything: 
From the Big Bang 
Until Now in 11 Pop-up 
Spreads. October. 
Barron's Educational 
Series. 12 pages. $18.99. 


Trains: A Pop-up 
Railroad Book. By 
Robert Crowther. 
September. Candlewick.